Mediterranean Soul

We were born searching the horizon. 

The tides have caressed our roots, the force of winds has shaped our soul 

and fueled our most ambitious dreams.
Today, we preserve the original spirit of a rich and proud land, 

while stubbornly keeping to push our gaze beyond the line of sunset.
We are the result of a precious alchemy of values and innovation, 

craftsmanship, passion and vision of the future.
We imagine new worlds, crossing the dream dimension to make it real. 

That’s why we create experiences, not just objects. 

Moments capable of translating desires into reality and making them last forever.
Because balance, style and beauty are not influenced by fashions:

they cross time and guide it, making every moment indelible.
The essence of an emotion survives memories. 

This is why we are convinced that you need a great soul to make great designs.


There are lost stories that deserve to be collected, preserved 

and handed down, as they represent a vision, are synonymous with

excellence and tell emotions. Emotions that pass from the hands 

of those who have experienced them to the hands of people

who will be able to relive them after us, following a continuous flow that transcends time and space. It is with their hands that men

 and women shape desires, mould reality and make an idea come alive: things that could barely be imagined till yesterday. The secret

of these unique and special creations lies precisely  

in the skilled hands of our workers. Between their fingers, guardians of a timeless history,  tradition and experience flow.

The craftsmanship is transformed into real art thanks to passion,  

love for doing well, and attention to detail. 

The two chief weapons that guide each of our production are 

skills and intuition, which allow us to create something unrepeatable: an emotion destined to be remembered.


The Aschenez shipyards deal on twenty years 

of experience in boatbuilding. Over one hundred people work at the

building site of Roccelletta di Borgia, close to Catanzaro. 

These professionals, with competence and passion, 

transform every idea into unique creations.  Their art is made 

of excellence: from design to production, from attention to detail 

to the choice of materials, without compromise.

The yards extend on a production area of 19,500 square meters, 

of which 9,500 covered. The entire production process is carried

out internally: from the molding of the fiberglass, to the assembly

of the boats, modeling, interior joinery and painting;

a tank for water tests is available as well.
The production system uses cutting-edge technological processes,

but it is to the skill of our craftsmen that we entrust the quality 

and excellence of the final product.